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Since 2018, Indelible Solutions has been a professional services firm with a continuous focus on driving client value through delivery of results-oriented solutions in both public and private sectors.  Our consultants and proprietary risk-based methodologies make up the foundation of the firm’s value proposition:

"We are committed to planning our engagements effectively, executing on those plans efficiently, and delivering results timely."

Our Value Proposition:

Indelible leadership possesses over 25 years of combined relevant industry experience.

Our team of experienced professionals is complete with certifications and advanced degrees:  MBA, MAcc, MPAcy, MSF, Ph.D., CPA, CIA, CFE, CISA and CISSP.


Our internal audit services include, but are not limited to:

Audit Transformation
Are there areas of your internal audit that can be improved?
Indelible transforms current, outdated processes into highly effective operations. By analyzing existing functions, we identify areas of opportunity.  Then innovative technology, new methodology and improved reporting is introduced to strengthen and add value to your internal audit standards. We have a tailored solution to address your specific needs.


 Audit Advisory Management
Do you need to develop audit functions but not sure where to begin?
Indelible works with you to establish a PMO or EPMO to prepare and manage your audit program(s).  We develop and establish a rich day-to-day program, complete with a governance structure, to track performance. Allow our knowledgeable team to plan, control and execute on your behalf.


 Audit & Subject Matter Expertise Sourcing
Do you already know exactly what kind of assistance you need?
We've carefully selected the very best from a wide-variety of industries to truly understand each type of business.  Not only knowledgeable, but each SME has years of experience that allow for easy detection to satisfy small market niches.  You'll experience smoother communication, faster flowing ideas and higher-quality decisions as a result.


 Audit Resource Augmentation
You already have a great team. You’re just missing a few skills.
Indelible provides quick and flexible access to top-talent within the field.  With your unique business needs in mind, we pair you with qualified individuals of our team that possess the skills and industry experience to best supplement your team. This no-hassle approach equates to time- and cost-savings.


Audit Effectiveness Review (QARs)
Is it time for an independent quality assessment?
Only an effective internal audit adds credibility to your business.  For this reason, Indelible offers periodic assessments and ongoing monitoring of internal audits program to increase the quality and value of your company. A comprehensive checks-and-balances process helps target issues and reduce risks allowing you to build trust for both customers and stakeholders.



Audit & Attestation Compliance & Regulatory SOX Consulting
· Financial Audit · Federal & Statutory Compliance · Governance
· Operational Audit · Grant Management Compliance · Implementation
· Agreed-Upon · Internal Procedural Compliance
   Procedures · Contractual Compliance
· Regulatory Reviews

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